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What Your Average Call Duration Says About Your Team

Data makes the world go round, but without proper context, it can only tell a small part of the story.  At a call center, for example, the average time that agents spend on calls tells you very little about the success of those calls. If the calls are super short, […] The post What Your… Read More »

10 Signs to Know You’re Ready for Cloud IVR (+How to Use It)

A cloud IVR (interactive voice response) system is a call center solution that combines automated voice prompts with integrated features like payment systems and access to live agents. As cloud computing has moved from niche to mainstream, most IVR operations have followed suit by migrating from on-premises to cloud-based solutions.  […] The post 10 Signs… Read More »

What’s New in WordPress 6.5 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress 6.5 is here! This is the first big update of the year 2024 and a particularly exciting one. It is packed with new features, loads of bug fixes, and improvements that will make your website management and content creation even better. We will walk you through some of the major highlights of WordPress 6.5… Read More »

Steal These Free Call Center Job Description Templates

Recruiting and hiring call center employees can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be so bad. For example, depending on the roles you’re looking to hire, you may not even have to write a job description—because you can just use ours instead.  Below, we’ve put together four of […] The post Steal These… Read More »

Intelligent IVR: What it Can (and Can’t) Do…Yet

Electronic voices have been destined to answer phone calls ever since Bell Labs invented the Voder machine at the tail-end of the 1930s. These days, everybody and their mother has been greeted by an IVR (interactive voice response) phone system to walk them through a customer service calling menu in […] The post Intelligent IVR:… Read More »

A Visual IVR Can Do This One Thing That Regular IVR Can’t

Visual IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) combine traditional IVR technology with visual elements such as images, videos, and menus that make for a fast, user-friendly experience. In call centers where there’s a large volume of incoming calls and customer inquiries to handle, visual IVRs can help customers get their answers more […] The post A Visual… Read More »

9 Cold Calling Tips To Increase Your Sales This Week

If you work in an outbound call center, you know how important it is to hone your skills and keep outperforming the competition. At the same time, you also know not to waste time with useless gimmicks and low-level advice that was written by AI in two seconds.  What you […] The post 9 Cold… Read More »