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How to Test Your WordPress Theme Against Latest Standards

Do you want to see if your WordPress theme meets the latest standards? The WordPress theme review team has set high standards for free WordPress themes submitted to the official directory. These standards ensure the theme is safe, user-friendly, and accessible to WordPress users. In this article, we will show you how to test your… Read More »

Healthcare Reputation Management: 7 Tricks to Do First

Staying on top of what people are saying or writing about you is about more than ego. It helps you amplify the positive and quickly resolve anything negative—before it blows up. Healthcare providers face a unique challenge when it comes to their reputations. How current and future patients view you […] The post Healthcare Reputation… Read More »

How to Use SMTP Server to Send WordPress Emails

Are you having trouble receiving or sending emails from your WordPress site? Email deliverability is one of the most important parts of running a website. From password reset emails to order confirmations, having a reliable email service is a must. In this article, we will show you how to use an SMTP server to send… Read More »

How to Sell Personal Training Services with WordPress

Do you want to sell your personal training services online? Luckily, WordPress lets you create a simple payment form or even an entire membership site to sell your personal training services. This will allow clients to ask about your services and schedule training sessions directly through your website, helping you grow your business. In this… Read More »

Will a Call Simulator Help Your Agent Training? Not Really

Call simulators can be nice tools when you want to provide supplemental training and practice for your agents, but they can’t replace the hands-on experience they’d get from dealing with real customers. In other words, call simulators work, but they’re not very practical for training purposes—especially in the long term.  […] The post Will a… Read More »

7 Essentials to Reputation Management for Celebrities

Reputation management helps improve a public figure’s brand, gain better control over what information circulates about the figure in question, and repair damage caused by negative news pieces. It’s also an important consideration for every public personality with a fanbase, regardless of size.  Without reputation management, for example, just one […] The post 7 Essentials… Read More »

How to Make $5000 of Passive Income Every Month in WordPress

Are you looking for a low-maintenance side gig to generate some extra income? Selling digital downloads might be the answer. I’ve been personally selling digital downloads for over a decade. It’s a painless way to make money because you don’t have all the overhead of selling physical goods, and you can set up an online… Read More »